February New Acquisitions: A Select List

Changes: The PIC will no longer buy VHS videos if DVDs are available for the same price. Lost or damaged videos, when replaced, will be replaced by DVDs.


Changing the culture of college drinking: a socially situated health communication campaign (c.2005)
This volume adds to the work on alcohol prevention on college campuses and creates a safer learning environment for all students.
Circulation Number: 11484

Community-based health organizations: advocating for improved health (c.2005)
Presents the basic principles and practical design and management elements needed to create an effective community-based health organization.
Circulation Number: 11478

Qualitative methods in public health: a field guide for applied research (c.2005)
This resources presents practical strategies and methods for using qualitative research and inlcudes the basaic logic and rationale for making qualitative research decisions.
Circulation Number: 11480

Tobacco press kit and media resources: for high school journalists (c.[2005])
This kit contains tobacco control story ideas, resource lists, a sample press release and high school scholarship information
Circulation Number: 11914|11915|11916


DVD: Resources for change: part 1: recovery: the road to success (c.2005)
Provides inmates, recently released individuals, and those in recovery with the tools to find help for their problems with drugs, alcohol and crime. Part I covers finding recovery inside prison; locating residential & outpatient programs outside; who to go to for help, referrals and information, how to approach those that may help, planning ahead for release day; and testimonials of the rewards of a sober lifestyle.
Circulation Number: 11830

DVD: Resources for change: part 2: where to live…for a new way of life (c.2005)
Part II covers planning somewhere safe to parole to; seeking residential housing; locating emergency shelters; finding transitional housing; testimonials of how specific living situations during parole affected recovery.
Circulation Number: 11831

DVD: Resources for change: part 3: getting ready to work (c.2005)
Part III covers employment preparation; employment training centers; undergoing an employment training program; the importance of recovery before working; learning to deal with issues on the job in new ways; using recovery and available resources to become a more desirable job candidate.
Circulation Number: 11833

DVD: Resources for change: part 4: working (c.2005)
Part IV covers interview skills; answering questions regarding background; dealing with rejection; maintaining motivation in a job search; keeping a job once you have it; learning to budget; and the first job as a crucial starting point.
Circulation Number: 11834

VHS: Anger management: stop, relax and think (c.2005)
Interviews with national authorities, psychologists and a top police chief who is also a teen counselor highlight this exploration of how anger evolved, what triggers it and how it can be controlled.
Circulation Number: 11890

VHS: Party Smart: Avoiding party meltdowns (c.2005)
This video profiles real kids and real parties that have spiraled out-of-control to teach viewers how to prevent party disasters.
Circulation Number: 11630

VHS: The Marijuana Papers: Research Update (c.2005)
This program reveals the latest scientific research about how marijuana changes the adolescent brain, impairs the brain’s ability to perform complex tasks, lowers the body’s immune system and can become powerfully addictive.
Circulation Number: 11631

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