March Focus: Inhalants Abuse

Our focus for March is on the abuse of inhalants. Below are a selection of the resources available from the PIC and on the Web that address this important topic. Please feel free to contact the PIC for further information on these or other items available for loan through the library.


Inhalants –
An excellent starting point for finding reliable web-based information on
inhalant use, abuse, diagnosing, prevention, statistics, organizations and

Partners Focus: Inhalants as Dangers in the Home, Schools and the Community – Partners for Substance Abuse Prevention
Provides an overview of chemicals that are commonly abused, the effects they have on the body and brain and practical suggestions for your prevention and intervention efforts in homes, schools and communities


Inhalants: Drugs: Uses And Abuses Series
This program presents a summary of this class of drugs and then details its constituent parts: solvents and aerosols, nitrites, and nitrous oxide. The physical hazards of inhalants, including brain, liver, and kidney damage and SSD, sudden sniffing death syndrome are also detailed.
Circulation Number: 11433

One Breath at a Time Teens and Inhalants
The misuse of common household substances by adolescents through ‘huffing’, or inhaling, is often the first foray into experimental drug use among teens. This video is designed to help viewers learn to dispel peer pressure, learn coping skills for problem solving, and educate on the dangers and lethal risks of ‘huffing’.
Circulation Number: 11060

The Danger Zone: Dangers in Your House
The video focuses on the drugs youngsters grades 3-5 are most likely to be exposed to such as common household products that can be inhaled or huffed and over the counter and prescription medications commonly found in the family medicine chest.
Circulation Number: 11663


Dangers of Inhalants
This folding display uses bright illustrations combined with text to emphasize the short-and long-term effects of inhalant abuse. Includes true stories of teens who died after experimenting with these toxic substances.
Circulation Number: 11035


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