March Media Campaign Roundup

As if in response to the recent (January) Drug and Alcohol Research Findings article “Boomerang ads”, in which the authors argue that the Office of National Drug Control Policy’s “National Youth Anti-Drug Campaign” had zero or negative impact on actual drug use, the last month has seen a slew of articles outlining the benefits of successful media campaigns.

Media Campaign Found to Cut Teens’ Marijuana Use
A NIDA funded study has found that an in-school anti-marijuana and alcohol campaign, “Be Under Your Own Influence,” cut usage by one half compared to communities that did not have the program. The study was published in the February 2006 issue of Health Education Research.

For more information:
New Anti-Drug Program Shows ‘Phenomenal’ Success by Focusing on Positives – AScribe Newswire (02/28/06)

Montana Meth Project Ads Getting Wide Publicity: Will They Work?
The Montana Meth Project has launched a series of graphic and credible TV, radio, and poster ads targeting youth ages 12-17. The campaign has received national coverage in a New York Times article (02/26/06) as well as on NPR’s All Things Considered radio show (02/27/06), where the ads were described as “visceral and less parental.” Listen to the 5 minute NPR interview with Paul Venables, founder of ad company that created the ads, here.

View the Ads at

TV Ads Help Many Smokers Quit
Source: (02/23/06)

TV antismoking ads helped more people quit than any other intervention, including nicotine-replacement therapy and telephone help lines, according to a new study.

View the full News Story


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