April Focus: Alcohol Awareness

Our focus for April is Alcohol Awareness Month. Below is a selection of the resources available from the PIC and on the Web that address this yearly observance. Please feel free to contact the PIC for further information on these or other items available for loan through the library.


Alcoholism – MedlinePlus.gov
An excellent starting point for finding reliable web-based information on
alcoholism, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, statistics, organizations and


Changing the Culture of College Drinking: A Socially Situated Health Communication Campaign / Lederman, Linda C.; Stewart, Lea P. –Cresskill, NJ: Neh Hampton Press. 2005
Describes the development, theoretical framework, and innovative design of the of the RU SURE campaign, a Rytgers University program based on the authorss’ Socially Situated Experiential Learning (SSEL) Model.


The Addiction Files: Case Study Of A Recovering Alcoholic
From brain scans to blood tests, this program explores alcoholism and addiction from all angles to shed light on what alcoholism is-and is not.
Circulation #11079

Underage Drinking: Know the Facts, Know the Risks
This program spells out the dangers and the risks of underage drinking while also providing new information on how the adolescent brain can be permanently damaged by alcohol.
Circulation #11223

Alcohol & the Teenage Brain: A Video Guide for Parents and Professionals
This video presents the latest research about how alcohol impairs the growing adolescent brain. New research has shown that adolescents experimenting with alcohol and binge drinking are literally putting their futures at risk by compromising the full potential of their brains to learn, conceptualize and prepare for college and the workplace.
Circulation #11226


Teenagers and Alcohol
This folding display provides current statistics on the risks to teens as well as information on the special dangers for women who drink, including Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.
Circulation #11036


Facts on Alcohol
This interactive electronic reference guide presents the facts about alcohol. Images and audio effects support the disc’s targeted data on what exactly alcohol is, how it works, its short- and long-term effects, alcohol use- and abuse-related issues, and treatment and counseling options.
Circulation #11468


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