Explicit song lyrics increase liklihood of risky teen behaviors

Source:,Pediatrics V118(2),430-441, 2006

”Youths ages 12-17 who listen to music with sexually degrading and explicit lyrics are more likely to have intercourse at an earlier age than peers who listen to lyrics where sex is depicted less explicitly, a new study suggests. Researchers surveyed 1,461 teens by telephone in 2001 and conducted follow-up interviews in 2002 and 2004. ”

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New PIC web site and online catalog

The Prevention Information Center (PIC) has launched a new web site and online catalog. In addition to receiving assistance finding reliable health promotion information on the Web or in print, clients can now search library holdings, place requests, and renew their materials online. The site can also be used to access the State Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership (STEPP) and PIC Clearinghouses of free posters, brochures, reports, and more. Visit http://preventioncolorado.org or call 1-888-251-4772 for more information.

New Online Video Catalog

The PIC will no longer publish a print video catalog. However, it is still possible to browse our video collection by topic. Visit http://preventioncolorado.org, pic@rmc.org, 1-888-251-4772 or visit us on the web.

August Agency Highlight

The Colorado Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division (ADAD) has a new look to their web site, and a new web address!

While taking a look at the new site, be sure to check out the most recent resources and reports available for prevention, treatment, recovery, and DUI services.

ADAD was established in 1971 to promote healthy, drug-free lifestyles; to reduce alcohol and other drug abuse; and to reduce abuse-associated illnesses and deaths.

ADAD’s new home page is at http://www.cdhs.state.co.us/adad/

New in the PIC Clearinghouse

A new Tobacco section has been added to the PIC Clearinghouse. A variety of brochures dealing with tobacco are now available. They are FREE to Colorado residents. To browse and order this and other free resources visit http://www.rmc.org/picstore/

Colorado Residents: Click here to order for FREE.

August Focus: Physiological Effects

The Newswire is back after a brief hiatus. As can be seen in the articles and links below, our efforts have been focused on launching exciting new technologies to help our clients access current and reliable resources.

Our focus for August is on the physiological effects of substance abuse. Below is a selection of the resources available from the PIC and on the Web that address this broad topic. Please feel free to contact the PIC for further information on these or other items available for loan through the library.

Medical Consequences of Drug Abuse – The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
Overview of the effects of substance abuse on various body systems. Each section includes links to specific drugs and more information from NIDA Research Reports.

Click here to search the library catalog for books.
(e.g. Uppers, downers, all arounders : physical and mental effects of psychoactive drugs c2004.)

Click here to browse videos in the Physiology section.
(e.g. Medical Aspects of Chemical Dependency c2004.)

Click here to search the library catalog for visual teaching aids.
(e.g. Mr. Gross Mouth -This hinged model of the teeth, flexible tongue, and oral cavity shows the effects of smokeless tobacco.)

FREE from the PIC Clearinghouse
Colorado residents can order free materials concerned with the physical effects of alcohol tobacco and other drug abuse from the online PIC Clearinghouse store.

Click on the August Focus category link.

July New Acquisitions

Beginning this month, we will provide a link to the online catalog which will show the PIC’s new acquisitions.

It’s now easy to see any new items added to the PIC collection. Just visit http://preventioncolorado.org and click on the “New Items” link on the right. Then select the month. You can easily limit by the type of item using the “Limit by:” drop down link on the right.

Or click here to see the items added in July.

Select additions include:
*Building a home within : meeting the emotional needs of children and youth in foster care. c2006.
*Getting to outcomes with developmental assets : ten steps to measuring success in youth programs and communities. c2006.
*Talking with college students about alcohol : motivational strategies for reducing abuse. c2006.
*World drug report [electronic resource]. [annual].
*The Meth epidemic [DVD videorecording]. c2006.
*Ice age Fighting the war on meth [DVD videorecording]. c2004.