August Focus: Physiological Effects

The Newswire is back after a brief hiatus. As can be seen in the articles and links below, our efforts have been focused on launching exciting new technologies to help our clients access current and reliable resources.

Our focus for August is on the physiological effects of substance abuse. Below is a selection of the resources available from the PIC and on the Web that address this broad topic. Please feel free to contact the PIC for further information on these or other items available for loan through the library.

Medical Consequences of Drug Abuse – The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)
Overview of the effects of substance abuse on various body systems. Each section includes links to specific drugs and more information from NIDA Research Reports.

Click here to search the library catalog for books.
(e.g. Uppers, downers, all arounders : physical and mental effects of psychoactive drugs c2004.)

Click here to browse videos in the Physiology section.
(e.g. Medical Aspects of Chemical Dependency c2004.)

Click here to search the library catalog for visual teaching aids.
(e.g. Mr. Gross Mouth -This hinged model of the teeth, flexible tongue, and oral cavity shows the effects of smokeless tobacco.)

FREE from the PIC Clearinghouse
Colorado residents can order free materials concerned with the physical effects of alcohol tobacco and other drug abuse from the online PIC Clearinghouse store.

Click on the August Focus category link.


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