Alcohol, Marijuana, Adderall, and Ritalin Perceived to Be Most Easily Available Drugs Misused Among Undergraduates

Source: CESAR Fax, 15:43, 10/30/2006

After alcohol and marijuana, the prescription stimulants Adderall®and Ritalin®are perceived to be the most easily available drugs misused at a large public mid-Atlantic university, according to a qualitative survey of a consistent panel of undergraduate students. Nearly all high risk*(91%) and low risk*(87%) student reporters (SRs) surveyed thought that Adderall was easy to obtain and morethan two-thirds of each thought that Ritalin was easy to obtain (see figure below). Respondents believed thatstudents use prescription stimulants non-medically instead of coffee or energy drinks because prescription stimulants are “more effective, last longer, [and have] less calories” (p. 2). According to the authors, these results suggest “that the perceptions of wide-spread availability and use of prescription drugs on campus found in our earlier surveys of high risk SRs are probably applicable to a wider student population” (p. 2).

Read the complete Cesar Fax overview.


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