Painkiller Use Among High School Seniors

Source: CESAR Fax, 1/15/07, 16:2
While marijuana continues to be the most prevalent illicit drug used among U.S. high school seniors, the nonmedical use of narcotic drugs is the second most prevalent drug used among this population, according to data from the national 2006 Monitoring the Future study. Nearly one in ten twelfth grade students reported using prescription-type narcotic drugs, such as Vicodin®(9.7%) and OxyContin®(4.3%), in the past year without a doctor’s order. Other drugs used by more than 5% of 12thgraders include amphetamines*(8.1%), over-the-counter cough or cold medicines**(6.9%), tranquilizers (6.6%), sedatives (6.6%), and cocaine (5.7%).
Read entire CESAR FAx article : Nonmedical Use of Narcotic Drugs Such as Vicodin® and OxyContin® More Prevalent Among U.S. High School Seniors Than Any Illicitly Used Drug Except Marijuana


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