April 2007 Agency Highlights

The following ADAD funded programs are a small sampling of activities by Colorado agencies working to prevent underage drinking:

Communities Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol
CMCA’s Coalition disseminates information about underage drinking across communities, and then takes action on goals such as: reducing the number and proportion of alcohol outlets selling to underage individuals; decreasing youth and adult tolerance of underage purchase and consumption of alcohol; decreasing prevalence, quantity, and frequency of alcohol consumption among older youths; and decreasing the incidence of alcohol-related health and social problems.
Contact: Shelly Evans, CHIColorado@aol.com

Reconnecting Youth
The Eagle River Youth Coalitiion (ERYC) and Eagle County School Districts (ECSD) is implementing evidence-based, school-based substace abuse prevention programming to high school youth in order to compliment other work being done in the community to address underage alcohol use and driving.
Contact: Cristina Gair, eryc@centurytel.net

Statewide Coalition of Campus Prevention Professionals
This BACCHUS Network program provides training and technical assistance to build greater infrastructure to connect Colorado campuses, assist campus professionals in promoting safe campus environments, increase healthy student lifestyles, and reduce the harm associated with illegal use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs.
Contact: Andrea Zelinko, andrea@bacchusnetwork.org

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