Report: Schools Can’t, Shouldn’t Shoulder Prevention Burden

Source: News Feature, 9/17/07
Most American kids receive some drug education in the classroom, but a new report contends that schools should not be relied upon to prevent early use of alcohol and other drugs and its consequences.

The report, “Prevention Education in America’s Schools: Findings and Recommendations from a Survey of Educators,” noted that 37 states require schools to teach students about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs. However, “Teachers don’t have the time, training or other resources needed to do the job effectively, regardless of what the state-mandated standards say,” according to the report by Join Together and Communitas Online.

For example, the report noted that 26 percent of educators who actively teach prevention in the classroom said they have had no training to do so.

Read the News article here.
Access the full report here.

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