United Way Health Focus to Include Binge Drinking, Drug Use

Source: Join Together Funding News, 5/21/2008
The United Way of America has announced that it will focus its grantmaking over the next decade on the root causes underlying the nation’s health, educational, and financial problems, the Washington Post reported May 15.

A new United Way report, Goals for the Common Good, points out that two-thirds of young people and adults live unhealthy lives, engaging in drug use, binge drinking, or unsafe sex. Those are the types of core issues that United Way organizations nationally need to address in order make measurable progress in reversing declines in key health, education, and personal-finance indicators, said United Way of America CEO Brian Gallagher.

“The country is at a crossroads right now,” he said. “I’ve never felt a time in my career where there’s this combination of enough pain, feeling of a lack of progress, feeling like we’ve stalled, combined with a next generation of leadership demanding change.”

There are about 1,300 local United Way organizations, however, and it is unclear how many of them will follow the recommendations detailed in the report.

Click here to read United Way report “Goals for the Common Good


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