Early Onset of Alcohol Consumption Related to Other Drug Use

Source:OJJDP JUVJUST e-mailing, 7/15/08

According to analysis of data from the National Longitudinal Alcohol Epidemiological Survey (NLAES), the earlier persons began drinking alcohol, the more likely they were to have used other drugs illicitly. According to the survey, approximately half the persons who began drinking at age 14 or younger had also used other drugs illicitly, compared to about 10 percent of those who started drinking when 20 years old or older.

An analogous relationship was found between early drinking initiation and drug dependency. Persons who began drinking before age 14 were nearly three times more likely to have been drug dependent than those who began after age 20.

For additional information about these NLAES findings, visit http://www.cesar.umd.edu/cesar/cesarfax/vol17/17-26.pdf.

One Response

  1. I admire your position on Alcohol, however, being a Recovering Alcoholic myself, I can tell you honestly, while I did start very young, it DID NOT lead me to Drug use. Mostly because Liquor is LEGAL, where as the other isn’t.
    There are many folks like myself, where drinking is so well accepted, almost expected of someone in a good working position. But it’s not the drugs that did me or my late husband ‘in’ It’s the fact that ALL ALCOHOL contains the power to damage ones health, permanently, with NO known cure at all.
    And when that happens, it’s quite easy to give it up, but putting your life back in order, is extremely difficult.
    If you’d like our story, just let me know. I’ll certainly e-mail it to you.
    It appears that very few ‘drinkers’ are aware of potential damage the stuff can cause!
    We need our Government to force manufacturers, to have large warnings on each and every container, AND increase the purchase price as well !
    Hopefully, it will help! But even then, who knows.

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