SAMHSA Releases Latest TEDS Report on Discharges from Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Source:  SAMHSA Bulletin, 7/17/08
The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is issuing its latest Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) report on Discharges from Substance Treatment Services, which provides a myriad of information on substance abuse treatment episodes at state-licensed treatment facilities across the country.

The 2005 TEDS Discharges from Substance Treatment Services report is the latest in a series of yearly reports that not only provide overall figures for the 34 states that report discharge data to TEDS, but also break this information down into a wide variety of programmatic and demographic criteria that can help provide greater perspective on the experiences of those who have undergone substance abuse treatment.

This information is designed to help the public health community get a better understanding of scope and nature of treatment episodes so that they can most effectively meet current and future treatment needs.

Among the notable findings in this latest report:

  •   The treatment completion rate was highest among clients discharged from hospital residential treatment (67 percent), detoxification (65 percent) and short-term residential treatment (56 percent). Treatment completion rates were lower in longer term and less-structured settings.
  • Not counting discharges receiving opioid replacement therapy (methadone), the median length of stay in treatment was greatest for discharges from outpatient treatment (76 days), followed by long-term residential treatment (53 days) and intensive outpatient treatment (46 days).
  • The strongest predictor of treatment completion was the use of alcohol rather than other drugs. Clients discharged from all types of service combined were 82 percent more likely to complete treatment or transfer to further treatment if their primary substance was alcohol, after taking into account all other characteristics.

 It is important to note that TEDS is an episode-based system and this means its figures for discharges do not directly correspond to the number of individuals discharged from treatment programs in a given year. For example, one individual who had undergone treatment twice during the same year would be counted as two discharges in the TEDS report.

The complete 2005 TEDS Discharges from Substance Abuse Treatment Services report is available online at , or by calling SAMHSA?s Health Information Network at 1-877-SAMHSA-7 (1-877-726-4727) and asking for publication number SMA 08-4314.


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