2008 Monitoring the Future results released: shows mixed results

Good news includes:

  • Use of any illicit drug other than marijuana decreased (modestly) for lifetime, past year and past month use among 10th graders
  • Declines in overall use of stimulants in all grades (e.g. use of methamphetamine is down 2/3 since 1999)
  • Teen smoking rates are at or near record lows for all grades (based on historical MTF data)
  • Gradual declines in alcohol use in all grades, particularly amongst 10th graders in all measures of use.

Not so-good news includes:

  • Statistically insignificant increases in past year use of any illicit drug other than marijuana among 8th and 12th graders
  • Decreases in marijuana use have stalled (there had been a consistent decline in use since the mid-90’s)
  • Perceived harmfulness and disapproval of marijuana has slightly decreased among 8th graders
  • Declines over several years in perceived harmfulness of LSD among 12th graders
  • Declines in perceived harmfulness and disapproval of use of inhalants among 8th graders
  • Continued high rate of prescription drug abuse (steady over 6 years)

For more information see:


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