Special issue of JDI: Smoking and Substance Abuse

The Spring 2009 v.39(2) issue of Journal of Drug Issues has a focus on “Smoking and Substance Abuse.”  Articles focus on the public health and clinical intervention initiatives related to smoking as well as issues of tobacco dependence in the substance abuse population.

PIC cardholders can access the fulltext contents of the issue online by clicking here:


  • Introduction to the Theme Issue
    Joseph Guydish & Douglas Ziedonis
  • Smoking Cessation Services in Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment: Opportunities Missed?
    Hannah K. Knudsen
  • Exploring Factors Related to Readiness to Change Tobacco Use for Clients in Substance Abuse Treatment
    Danielle W. Toussaint, Nancy R. VanDeMark, Meredith Silverstein, Erik Stone
  • Medical and Mental Health Status Among Drug Dependent Patients Participating in a Smoking Cessation Treatment Study
    Jennifer E. Lima, Malcolm S. Reid, Jennifer L. Smith, Yulei Zhang, Huiping Jiang, John Rotrosen, Edward Nunes
  • Effects of Smoking Cessation on Illicit Drug Use among Opioid Maintenance Patients: A Pilot Study
    Kelly E. Dunn, Stacey C. Sigmon, Edward Reimann, Sarah H. Heil, Stephen T. Higgins
  • Gender Differences in Quit Support by Partners of Health-Compromised Smokers
    Michael J. Rohrbaugh, Varda Shoham, Catherine L. Dempsey
  • Development of the Smoking Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices (S-KAP) Instument
    Kevin L. Delucchi, Barbara Tajima, Joseph Guydish
  • Staff Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Regarding Nicotine Dependence Differ by Setting
    Barbara Tajima, Joseph Guydish, Kevin Delucchi, Emma Passalacqua, Mable Chan, Matt Moore
  • Does the Presence of a Smoking Cessation Clinical Trial Affect Staff Practices Related to Smoking?
    JongSerl Chun, Joseph R. Guydish, Kevin Delucchi
  • Bar Patronage after a Smoking Ban
    J. Michael Menke
  • The Neurobiology of Nicotine Addiction: Clinical and Public Policy Implications
    Paul D. Gardner, Andrew R. Tapper, Jean A. King, Joseph R. DiFranza, Douglas M. Ziedonis

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