MTF confirms Pride Survey findings: Use is up

Source: Pride Surveys news release, 12/14/2009 (received via email)

Results of the 2009 Monitoring the Future Surveys, released this morning in Washington, confirm findings reported in September by Pride Surveys: Youth drug use is on the rise.

“Not only is use rising, but a key belief about the degree of risk associated with marijuana use has been in decline among young people even longer, “ said Lloyd Johnston, the MTF’s principal investigator.

Just as the Pride Survey showed, increases in drug use found by MTF were minor, but persistent over the past few years.

“So far, we have not seen any dramatic rise in marijuana use, but the upward trending of the past two or three years stands in stark contrast to the steady decline that preceded it for nearly a decade,” Johnston said.

Marijuana is the most widely used of all illicit drugs among adolescents.

“The 2009 Monitoring the Future study is a warning sign, and the continued erosion in youth attitudes and behavior toward substance abuse should give pause to all parents and policymakers,” said Gil Kerlikowske, director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy.

In August Pride Surveys president Doug Hall briefed congressional staff and administration officials on the upturn in teen drug use.

“Our message then was the same message being delivered today: if we take our eyes off the problem, there is a danger teen drug use could spiral out of control in the next few years,” Hall said.

Monitoring the Future news release

ONDCP news release

2009 Pride Survey National Summary


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