Check out the new PIC Library resource guide that shows you where to get free stuff!

As you probably already know, the PIC Library has an online store that lets Colorado residents order free publications related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.  We carry resources for youth, adults, communities, and professionals in the fields of substance abuse treatment and prevention.

What you might not know, is that it has been getting harder for us to obtain these publications in the quantities necessary to meet the needs of Colorado residents.  But that’s ok, because most of our sources now allow you to order directly from the publication’s source (federal government agency clearinghouses) and bypass the middle man entirely (the PIC Library).

This means you still have access to the resources, but instead of the items being shipped 2 times before they get to you, they only need to be shipped once.  And in this economy, we need to help conserve all of the state and federal resources we can!

We will continue to carry items of the highest relevance and interest to Colorado ATOD professionals in our online store, including some items from Colorado state agencies.  We hope to keep you informed about new publications as they become available.  We will also shift our focus to helping YOU order those items directly from the source.

We have created a new library resource guide to help you locate free government behavioral health and ATOD sources: Free National Behavioral Health and ATOD Clearinghouses.

This Resource Guide is a brief list of national clearinghouses that provide free behavioral health and ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug) publications from U.S. government sources. Some sites are included that provide publications that may be peripherally related to behavioral health or substance abuse prevention.

Check it out!


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