Short video: Protecting Reputations Online in Plain English

Source: email from Common Craft, 1/6/2009

From the web site:

Aimed at young or inexperienced Web users, this video explains the long term risks of sharing inappropriate information online. Release Date: 1/6/09. Video Length: 02:42.

From the email:

If you’re a regular user of sites like Facebook or Twitter, you’ve seen the things people share in public.  Often, especially among the young or inexperienced, the risks aren’t known.  This video is aimed at them and helps to explain the long term risks of sharing inappropriate photos, videos and stories on the Web. It’s about understanding what it means to lose control of an image once it’s shared and how they can help protect their reputation and those of their friends.
This video will be a part of our forthcoming “Internet Safety” pack.

Check it out at: