20 free webinars on behavioral health issues in the LGBTQ community

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Note: Anyone interested may attend.
The Arizona Department of Health Services /Division of Behavioral Health Services’ LGBTQ Advisory Committee presents a series of 20 Webinar Trainings on Behavioral Health Issues in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Questioning (LGBTQ) Community!
Here are the times for each date, as Arizona does not change time with Daylight savings time.

To be clear:
Trainings from Aug 19th-Nov 4th will be 4-5 PM Pacific time (5:00 PM Mountain))
Fall Back occurs on November 7th
Trainings from Nov 18th-Feb 3rd will be 4-5 PM Mountain time (6:00 PM Eastern)
What: 20 1-hour LGBTQ Trainings
When: Thursdays 4-5 PM beginning Aug 19th
Where: Online! Get the Join Links here

No RSVP Required

Sponsored by the ADHS/DBHS LGBTQ Advisory Committee

LGBTQ Training Schedule:

  • AUG 19th PM LGBTQ 101: Terminology  Join Link
  • AUG 26th 4-5 PM LGBTQ 102: Coming Out, Disclosure, & “Being Outed” Join Link
  • SEPT 2nd 4-5 PM LGBTQ 103: The Bi-Sexual Experience Join Link
  • SEPT 9th 4-5 PM LGBTQ 104: The Transgender Experience Join Link
  • SEPT 16th 4-5 PM LGBTQ 105: Sexual Orientation vs. Gender Identity Join Link
  • SEPT 23rd Week Break
  • SEPT 30th 4-5 PM LGBTQ 201: LGBTQs and Their Allies Join Link
  • OCT 7th 4-5 PM LGBTQ 202: Physical vs. Social Health Disparities Join Link
  • OCT 14th 4-5 PM LGBTQ 203: LGBTQ People of Color Join Link
  • OCT 21st 4-5 PM LGBTQ 204: LGBTQ Older Adults Join Link
  • OCT 28th 4-5 PM LGBTQ 205: LGBTQ Youth Join Link
  • NOV 4th 4-5 PM LGBTQ 301: Bullying & Educational Cost Join Link
  • NOV 11th Veteran’s Day
  • NOV 18th 4-5 PM LGBTQ 302: Parent & Family Support Join Link
  • NOV 25th Holiday Break
  • DEC 2nd 4-5 PM LGBTQ 303: LGBTQ Youth in the System of Care Join Link
  • DEC 9th 4-5 PM LGBTQ 304: LGBTQ Subcultures Join Link
  • DEC 16th 4-5 PM LGBTQ 305: Intimate Partner Violence Join Link
  • DEC 23rd Holiday Break
  • DEC 30th Holiday Break
  • JAN 6th 4-5 PM LGBTQ 401: Mental Health Join Link
  • JAN 13th 4-5 PM LGBTQ 402: Substance Abuse Join Link
  • JAN 20th 4-5 PM LGBTQ 403: Risky behavior, STDS and HIV Join Link
  • JAN 27th 4-5 PM LGBTQ 404: LGBTQs in Rural Communities Join Link
  • FEB 3rd 4-5 PM LGBTQ 405: Religion, Culture & Spirituality Join Link

NOTE: The LGBTQ online training schedule is subject to change, where notification will be sent in this event.

For more information and to view additional upcoming trainings,
please visit the AZ DBHS Prevention Training Calendar.

Check out the new PIC Library resource guide that shows you where to get free stuff!

As you probably already know, the PIC Library has an online store that lets Colorado residents order free publications related to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.  We carry resources for youth, adults, communities, and professionals in the fields of substance abuse treatment and prevention.

What you might not know, is that it has been getting harder for us to obtain these publications in the quantities necessary to meet the needs of Colorado residents.  But that’s ok, because most of our sources now allow you to order directly from the publication’s source (federal government agency clearinghouses) and bypass the middle man entirely (the PIC Library).

This means you still have access to the resources, but instead of the items being shipped 2 times before they get to you, they only need to be shipped once.  And in this economy, we need to help conserve all of the state and federal resources we can!

We will continue to carry items of the highest relevance and interest to Colorado ATOD professionals in our online store, including some items from Colorado state agencies.  We hope to keep you informed about new publications as they become available.  We will also shift our focus to helping YOU order those items directly from the source.

We have created a new library resource guide to help you locate free government behavioral health and ATOD sources: Free National Behavioral Health and ATOD Clearinghouses.

This Resource Guide is a brief list of national clearinghouses that provide free behavioral health and ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug) publications from U.S. government sources. Some sites are included that provide publications that may be peripherally related to behavioral health or substance abuse prevention.

Check it out!

Colorado statewide medication disposal day: 9/25/10

Source: email distribution list, 8/4/2010

From Beverly Gmerek, Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Program Coordinator:

We are pleased to announce that the Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention program, Rx Drugs Not Yours Not Safe, a program of Peer Assistance Services, Inc. is partnering with the Colorado Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) office in hosting a statewide medication disposal day on September 25, 2010. This is part of DEA’s National Pharmaceutical Take-Back Day occurring in communities across the country.

  • This is an opportunity to make a difference in your community and safely dispose of old medications in an environmentally-friendly way.
  • The DEA will be working with local law enforcement officials to collect and dispose of the medications
  • The DEA will cover all the expenses related to the proper disposal and destruction.
  • In 2008, 562 Coloradans died from abuse of prescription drugs, three times more than those who died in drunken driving-related crashes (173) the same year.
  • 20% to 30% of high school students report using prescription drugs that were not prescribed to them; the mostly obtained from friends and family medicine cabinets.

DEA has invited all Colorado sheriff departments, police departments and drug task forces to participate.  The deadline for registering to participate is August 11, 2010. Please contact your local law enforcement agency and let them know how important it is that they participate and your ability to be of assistance.

What an ideal time to educate your community about the dangers of abusing medications and how to properly safeguard them.

Here is how we can help you:

  • The RxDrugsNotYoursNotSafe.org site will have downloadable posters and fact sheets soon.
  • Locations of all the disposal sites will be listed on the site as they become available.
  • Please join our NEW Face book page Rx Drugs Not Yours Not Safe for the most up to date information about this event.

The Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention program is a State Priority Initiative funded by the Colorado Division of Behavioral Health.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

And thank you for making a difference!

Beverly Gmerek
Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention Program Coordinator

Other resources: