SAMHSA’s Web-based Family Guide for Helping Parents Promote Health Updated

SAMHSA’s Family Guide: Keeping Youth Mentally Healthy & Drug Free Web site, at, has been enhanced and completely redesigned.

The enhanced Family Guide Web site offers interactive tools, activities, and video to help build and maintain healthy adult-child relationships. Research-based articles are also available on the site to help adults recognize and respond to youth substance abuse. Other features include a Newsroom, Treatment resources, and links to other SAMHSA programs.

Funding for Town Hall Meetings on Underage Drinking

Source: (02/03/06)

A 12-agency coalition, the Interagency Coordinating Committee on the Prevention of Underage Drinking (ICCPUD), along with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration (SAMHSA), is calling for state and community town-hall meetings to discuss the problem of underage drinking.

As part of a comprehensive federal community drug-prevention strategy, SAMHSA will provide $1,000 to $1,500 stipends to community coalitions that organize meetings. Community Anti-Drug Coalitions of America (CADCA) has made its “Strategizer 49: Community Briefings: A Prevention Tool for Communities” publication available to help coordinate these meetings.

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Children of Alcoholics Week is Feb. 12-18

The National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACoA) and its affiliates promote Children of Alcoholics Week 2006 from Sunday, February 12, through Saturday, February 18. The theme of this public awareness campaign, “A Celebration of Hope and Healing,” offers the potential for resilience in children of alcoholics if caring adults support the well-being of all children, but especially those who struggle with alcohol or drug addiction in their families. NACoA envisions a society in which these vulnerable children are encouraged to seek help and have access to adults who can help them.

Visit NACoA online at:

Colorado residents can order free materials concerned with families and addictions as well as resources to support your Children of Alcoholics week activities by visiting our online RADAR Clearinghouse store.

The New RADAR Online Store

As part of CSAP’s Regional Alcohol and Drug Awareness Resource (RADAR) Network, the PIC makes posters, books, flyers, research reports, and other substance abuse information freeley available to Colorado residents. Our new RADAR Clearinghouse store is now open for business at

As part of our monthly focus, and to support your Children of Alcoholics Week activities, a special February Focus category has been set up containing resources focused on addiction and families.

SAMHSA Webcast: Recovery and the Military: Treating Veterans and their Families

Just in time for our February focus, SAMHSA is premiering a webcast that examines the availability of and options for alcohol and drug addiction treatment for veterans and their families.

The show also addresses current trends and prevalence of substance use disorders among veterans and will shed light on current addiction treatment issues facing veterans and their families.

For more information visit:

February New Acquisitions: A Select List

Changes: The PIC will no longer buy VHS videos if DVDs are available for the same price. Lost or damaged videos, when replaced, will be replaced by DVDs.


Changing the culture of college drinking: a socially situated health communication campaign (c.2005)
This volume adds to the work on alcohol prevention on college campuses and creates a safer learning environment for all students.
Circulation Number: 11484

Community-based health organizations: advocating for improved health (c.2005)
Presents the basic principles and practical design and management elements needed to create an effective community-based health organization.
Circulation Number: 11478

Qualitative methods in public health: a field guide for applied research (c.2005)
This resources presents practical strategies and methods for using qualitative research and inlcudes the basaic logic and rationale for making qualitative research decisions.
Circulation Number: 11480

Tobacco press kit and media resources: for high school journalists (c.[2005])
This kit contains tobacco control story ideas, resource lists, a sample press release and high school scholarship information
Circulation Number: 11914|11915|11916


DVD: Resources for change: part 1: recovery: the road to success (c.2005)
Provides inmates, recently released individuals, and those in recovery with the tools to find help for their problems with drugs, alcohol and crime. Part I covers finding recovery inside prison; locating residential & outpatient programs outside; who to go to for help, referrals and information, how to approach those that may help, planning ahead for release day; and testimonials of the rewards of a sober lifestyle.
Circulation Number: 11830

DVD: Resources for change: part 2: where to live…for a new way of life (c.2005)
Part II covers planning somewhere safe to parole to; seeking residential housing; locating emergency shelters; finding transitional housing; testimonials of how specific living situations during parole affected recovery.
Circulation Number: 11831

DVD: Resources for change: part 3: getting ready to work (c.2005)
Part III covers employment preparation; employment training centers; undergoing an employment training program; the importance of recovery before working; learning to deal with issues on the job in new ways; using recovery and available resources to become a more desirable job candidate.
Circulation Number: 11833

DVD: Resources for change: part 4: working (c.2005)
Part IV covers interview skills; answering questions regarding background; dealing with rejection; maintaining motivation in a job search; keeping a job once you have it; learning to budget; and the first job as a crucial starting point.
Circulation Number: 11834

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2005/2006 Prevention Directory

The 2005/2006 Directory of ADAD-funded Prevention Providers is now available for download at: